Swiss Banking


Swiss banking is well-known as being one of the best banking institutions in the world with a rich international banking history that spans several hundred years. 

This excellent reputation has been built based on their strict adherence to privacy rules and security of their investors’ money.  This is why many people choose to turn to Swiss banks as their first choice among offshore bank account options. 


Interestingly, one of the biggest ironies about Swiss banks and their reputation as being an excellent offshore bank is the fact that Switzerland is actually a landlocked country.  Therefore the title of offshore is somewhat misleading.  However, the main point remains, which is they provide the same benefits that you can expect to find in any number of true offshore banking jurisdictions. 


In addition, people come from all backgrounds to start offshore bank accounts in Swiss banks.  Many people also like to take advantage of their status as a very solid currency which they use as a hedge against inflation.  However, most people come for the benefit of their privacy and security laws regarding bank account information.  Even with recent policy changes in response to top nation’s requests due to worldwide terrorism, Swiss banking remains strong for privacy actions for your money. 


Plus, starting a Swiss bank account has become much easier with the advent of modern technology.  You no longer have to travel to Switzerland and can easily start these accounts up over the Internet with as little as a few days time. 


With benefits and a fast setup, it is easy to see why many continue to choose Swiss Banking over other alternatives.  If you are looking for an offshore bank that has stood the test of time, Swiss banks should always be on your list.