Offshore Investing


Offshore investing creates a fantastic image of high worth individuals manipulating world commerce to their benefit in James Bond like fashion.  Although the reality of offshore investing may not be as exciting as this picture, it definitely can deliver real world benefits to those who are willing to take the time to learn and use it effectively. 


Offshore investing opportunities range from basic bank accounts allowing tax savings and higher interest returns, to offshore real estate options, to other securities and investment options.  Many of these opportunities are not available to you as a domestic investor so access into offshore banking opens the door for you to enter into more lucrative offshore investing options. 


Regardless of what your plans are for your offshore investing, it will begin with an offshore bank account.  The good news is starting an offshore bank account can be done very easily and within a few days.  Most offshore banks accounts allow you to start an account through mail, internet or over the telephone.  Some banks will require a banking reference and a copy of your drivers license or passport; however, basically that is all that will be needed to set up your account and allow you to begin your offshore investing