Offshore Bank Account

An offshore bank account can provide many benefits to everyday people.  They are well known for providing a tax haven for many people’s money.  However, this is just one of many advantages.  Other advantages include: 


1. These accounts tend to have little or no taxation on these accounts. This is done by these developing countries to encourage you to send your money to their banks. They win by getting access to your funds and you win by avoiding having these funds taxed, lightly if at all, in that country. You will still need to disclose these bank accounts to your home country in most cases; however, you may have some advantages concerning interest income reporting depending on your home country’s laws. 


2.  More privacy for your money.  Many offshore banks have strict rules for disclosing private information.  For instance, you can receive serious fines in Switzerland if you disclose private information illegally.  This is great news for people trying to keep their money hidden from creditors.  This can be an effective tool for keeping money hidden from private matters like divorces and lawsuits.  However, there is currently a trend where some offshore banks are providing information when there are calls to do so based on serious crimes or acts of terrorism.  Each bank has different rules regarding these particular issues. 


3.  More security for your money.  Many people will put their money in an offshore account because of the instability of their home country.  Fear of their money being frozen or even nationalized encourages many to send the money abroad to avoid these issues. 


4.  Get higher interest rates.  Offshore banks tend to have a lower overhead due to less government regulation.  This translates into them being able to offer high interest rates than domestic banks which tend to have higher operating costs.  


An offshore bank account can normally be established with minimal effort.  Many offshore banks allow you to start an account by mail, phone, or over the internet.  The advancements of world commerce and the world wide web have allowed for greater benefits to offshore bank account holders.  Access to these funds and review of your accounts has become almost instantaneous thanks to these devices and rivals what you would expect with domestic banks.   


All and all, an offshore bank account can provide you with a solid opportunity to help guard your money and to potentially gain higher returns.  Although the level of security and opportunities for higher returns will vary with each offshore bank, you can expect to find one that best suits your needs with a little basic research.